Pastor’s Pen

 March 13, 2015

My hope for everyone is that you experienced a blessed week in the Lord Jesus Christ as His Spirit comforted, taught and guided you through the events of life.  Even when things do not go according to plan and appear to be a disaster, He will bring peace in the midst of your Storm!  John 14:26-27.

I remind everyone that tomorrow night, we will begin hosting five nights of revival services in observance of our church’s 147th Anniversary on next Sunday.  I encourage everyone to attend this week’s revival services and in addition ask members to provide a dessert for the dinner that will be served next Sunday.

In conclusion, I ask that we continue to pray for and display acts of love to Sister Lynda Morris, Sister Ora Williams and the Brown families who each, within the last week experienced the loss of a family member.

Peace and Blessings to All!!!

March 6, 2015

Grace, Peace and Mercy unto you in the name of God our father and the Creator of the Universe.

This morning’s message is designed to have us do a quick assessment of our reactions to incidents that may have occurred in our lives last week.  Last Sunday Pastor Clarence Edmondson taught us that the trials of life are intended for correction or perfection.  He used the story of Jonah as an example of correction and the story of Peter and the disciples on a boat in the midst of a fierce storm, as an example of perfection.  As you encountered struggles during the week, could you identify the categories?  As we grow in Faith, it will be necessary to identify the difference in order to respond appropriately.

Blessings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ.

February 28, 2016

Grace, Peace and Mercy unto you in the name of God our father and the Creator of the Universe.
This morning’s message is designed to have us do a quick assessment of our reactions to incidents that may have occurred in our lives last week. Last Sunday Pastor Clarence Edmondson taught us that the trials of life are intended for correction or perfection. He used the story of Jonah as an example of correction and the story of Peter and the disciples on a boat in the midst of a fierce storm, as an example of perfection. As you encountered struggles during the week, could you identify the categories? As we grow in Faith, it will be necessary to identify the difference in order to respond appropriately.
Blessings in the name of our LORD Jesus Christ.

February 14, 2016

Praise, Honor and Glory to our God (Jehovah-jireh), for He, is Lord and He will provide! He has done many wonderful and marvelous things on our behalf.
This week our community has suffered much loss. The Coakley family suffered the loss of Brother Charles Coakley and our Whale Branch Early College High School suffered the loss of Mrs. Faith Cook-Brown. I ask that our entire church family reach out to both families and demonstrate the love that God has commanded of His children (Matthew 22:39).
I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who worked so hard to organize a great Marriage Oneness event. Their efforts were the source of wonderful fellowship and valuable information.
Peace and blessings to all in the name of Jesus Christ.

February 7, 2016

Peace, Blessings and Love be unto all that through our Lord and Savior and Jesus Christ, are in the family of the highest God.
This month we will celebrate the history of Blacks in America and I ask that the entire Mount Carmel family get involved in this most important celebration.
The radio program; Community Corner, scheduled to air at 7:00 PM Thursdays and 10:00 AM Saturdays will spotlight the achievements of Blacks in America. Our youth will highlight individuals each Sunday who have made significant contributions to society and will end the celebration with the annual Black History Program. I promise this to be exciting and enlightening and again I challenge all to get involved.

 January 31, 2016

Blessed be the name of the LORD Most High!

My hope for everyone is that you had a most spiritually enriched week, that as you faced the issues of life, you were always aware of the presence of the LORD standing beside you and dwelling within you.  I pray that your realizing that He is with you, enables you to be of good cheer, whether the situation is good or bad!  It is my desire that we will all experience the joy of overcoming the world.  Please read Acts 23:11.

On another note…the radio station is in need of additional volunteers for Sundays and week days.  If you feel led to serve in this ministry, please contact Deacon Steven Green or Sister Lenora Henry immediately following service.

May the peace and blessings of the LORD be yours!

January 24, 2016

All Praise, Glory and Honor to the one and only true God, (Jehovah) who is the one of creation.

This week I would like to entertain the idea of one being Better or Bitter.  Las Sunday we looked at the life and actions of Christ, Paul and Dr. King. Today I ask that we examine our lives and see if events or the actions of others have helped to make us BETTER or BITTER.

If past wrongs have helped you to humble yourself and be forgiving as CHRIST did, you are BETTER (Praise God).  However, it past wrongs have caused you to hold these offenses in your heart and not do as CHRIST commanded, you are BITTER!  You can never fully experience the Joy and Blessings of God as long as you hold BITTERNESS in your heart.  Why allow another’s wrong to hinder you from being a recipient of God’s BEST?

January 17, 2016  

This week, there have been many speeches, prayers, songs and etc. attempting to communicate the magnitude of the importance of the birth of this giant of a man.  Though he was somewhat smaller in physical statue, I contend he was a might giant among men!!!

My perception of King being a giant has nothing to do with his size.  It has to do with his commitment to following Jesus Christ.  He was indeed the mountain of LOVE I feel that is clearly the legacy and model that Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr. left for the world.

Peace and blessings to all!!!

January 10, 2016

Thank God that He has blessed and granted us life through the first week of 2016 and that we are assured in knowing that all is well!

I am very much aware that there were and still remain a lot of challenges for many.  Some experienced death in the family, illness, relationship problems and financial conflict.  However, all is well because in faith we know that like the Shulamite woman, God is for us and with us.  Let us begin to live life according to the WORD of God instead of our own feelings or our own understanding.  Keep the Faith under any and all circumstances and be steadfast!!!

Love, Peace, Grace and Blessings.

December 27, 2015

Greetings in the name of the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ! I sincerely hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas, rejoicing in Him and our relationship with family and friends.  It is now my prayer that we all lay the foundation for a Happy New Year by worshiping the new born King.  The wise men did and were blessed in the process.  I encourage the congregation and the community to attend the New Year’s Eve services.  It will being with baptism and end with our New Year’s Fellowship Breakfast.

Again, I want to thank everyone who worked tirelessly to produce the wonderful Christmas Program for the community…job well done!

December 12, 2015

Grace, Peace and Mercy to all who are sanctified in Christ Jesus and are called to be the light that shines in this world of darkness.

I am pressed in my spirit to continue the message from last Sunday regarding our church not taking the traditional approach to Christmas.  The exchange of gifts between those who have no real need, actually have nothing to do with Christmas.  Christmas is all about God providing to us a gift that we could never have obtained by any other means… his Son.

I strongly encourage each member of our congregation to actively participate in the effort to find others who have needs that they are otherwise unable to meet.  To assist in this process, we are seeking volunteers with a Spirit of giving, to help in this Ministry of Love.

May the God of LOVE keep our hearts and minds in peace!

November 29, 2015

To the all wise, everlasting and merciful God be glory forever!

We anticipate that everyone had a joyous and blessed Thanksgiving in the Lord and that those who traveled were kept safe under His protection.  Furthermore, I do trust that the food was great and plentiful.

As we enter into the holiday season and anticipate the arrival of Christmas, I ask us to do so from God’s perspective.  Christmas is all about God meeting the greatest need of all mankind; a need that we are unable to fulfill.  So as you make your plans, do as God did.  Find someone with a need that they are unable to fulfill and meet that need.  This is what God did, let us be more like him.  John 3:16

November 22, 2015

Oh magnify the Lord with me and bless His holy name! For He has done great things and His praise shall continually be in my mouth.  I will sing unto the Lord, for great is His mercies and grace in me!

I feel the above statements sum up the attitude and intent of biblical thanksgiving and I pray that it will be our guide for the celebration of “Thanksgiving Giving” this year.

We pray for safe travel for families and family members that will be traveling this holiday.  Best wishes and enjoy your Thanksgiving in the Lord.

November 15, 2015

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory, power and dominion forever.

I want to thank everyone involved in assuring that the appreciation service for our seniors eighty years and over was a great success!

It is difficult to grasp the fact that 2015 is nearly history and next week will be the week of Thanksgiving.  It seems as though it was only a few months ago we were celebrating the New Year. The year has been one that has been full of excitement and blessings and I am certain we are all thankful for God having blessed us to be here.

I pray that our church family will be filled with diligence in Thanksgiving all year round.

God’s Peace and Blessings to all!

November 8, 2015

Thanks to the Almighty God from whom all good and perfect gifts come!

We have had a very busy week and He, the Almighty God has brought us through it all and blessed us in the process.  On Wednesday, we were blessed to have several of our members attend the Old Ashley Associations’ annual session at John’s Island while others remained behind to carry-out our Youth Bible Study/Choir Rehearsal and others to attend the Whale Branch Middle School’s championship football game and the week continued with many of you attending the Whale Branch cluster Parent Teacher Organization/School Improvement Council (PTO/SIC) meeting.

I thank everyone who cared enough to take time out of your already busy schedules to participate in these important events!  Having an involved community is the only way to bring about positive change in the community that we all love so much.  May the God of salvation continue the process of making us whole!

November 1, 2015

We give praise and glory to God for blessing us with another very successful Community Harvest Festival.  In addition, we are grateful for the many volunteers necessary to accomplish such a huge task.  I pray that everyone enjoyed themselves to the highest and that the love of God was experienced in every aspect.

God has prospered us spiritually and materially to be able to see and experience the vision and achieve the things He has put before us.

There is a very important community meeting pertaining to our schools and the future of our children that will be held Thursday at 6:00 PM at Whale Branch Early College High School.  I strongly encourage all to attend.

October 25, 2015

Greetings and blessings in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. This week has been very busy, with the Jail Ministry, Family Night Bible Study (with dinner), a Memorial Service, Male Bonding Retreat, and the Brotherhood Banquet.  The success of these events was due to two major reasons, God’s blessings and the dedicated people working in the ministry.  I take this opportunity to personally thank everyone who has chosen to work in a ministry here at Mt. Carmel.  I pray that the LORD of heaven and earth will richly bless you in all your ways.

We also give thanks to God for answering the many prayers concerning the kidney transplant for the daughter of Brother Tyrone and Sister Gloria Jackson (Ankanette).  She has received a kidney and is doing very well.  What an awesome God we serve!

I ask everyone who is able, to please come and be a blessing to the Heavenly Baptist Church family as we travel to Green Pond to preside over the closing service for their Family and Friends Revival… BLESSINGS

October 18, 2015

Glory, Honor and Power to the God of our Salvation!  He has blessed us to come again into His house and acknowledge that He is worthy of all praise and the glory is His forever!

Today we gather together as a community and congregation expressing our awareness of breast cancer.  The pink that we wear is simply a reminder that we must be alert to the symptoms and be resolved to get medical care immediately should symptoms appear.  We praise God for so many in our community and congregation that He has healed from this awful killer.  Glory to God!  Glory to God!

As we prepare ourselves for communion, I ask that each of us search our hearts and ask God to forgive us of all our sins.  Then equally important, that you forgive everyone that has wronged you to the same extent that you desire God to forgive you.

October 11, 2015

This morning we are extremely blessed to have our children minister to the congregation through music.  As I considered this earlier this week, the Holy Spirit quickened my mind to the teachings of Christ concerning the kingdom of God, being converted and children.  Matthew 18:1-6, Luke 18: 15-17.

I think it is vital to the health and growth of the church for each member of the Body to examine ourselves in humility.  Jesus taught that true conversion leads to child-like humility and without it we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven.

I also encourage everyone to continue to pray for and be willing to donate to those in our state who have been devastated by the greatest flood in hundreds of years.  We will be forthcoming with more specific ways in which you can assist.

Peace, Love, Joy and Blessings!

October 4, 2015

It is my hope and my prayer that you have lived the past week in joy and victory in Jesus Christ.  I pray that we as believers exercise our faith to the extent that it is demonstrated moment by moment in our attitude and behavior.  Victory really is yours!

I said some time ago that we were going to need volunteers to work in the Radio Ministry.  The time has come for those who have the time and feel led to assist in this important aspect of the Ministry at Mount Carmel, to please notify me or the secretary following the worship service.

Peace and blessings to all!

September 27, 2015

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I pray that everyone had a blessed week.

This week I did not write the message for the Pastor’s Pen until Thursday, which is very unusual.  After hearing the message of Pope Francis, I immediately understood why.  Though I am in disagreement of the fact that he is perceived by some as the “High Priest” or “Holy Father”, I do applaud his bold spiritual leadership.  His address to the Join Session of Congress was brilliant and an amazing call (sermon) for the cause of Love, Grace, the Environment, Immigration and Responsibility.  He indeed portrayed the light that God has called each believer to be.  I encourage us all to follow his example and live the same.

May God richly bless and keep you!

September 20, 2015

We thank God for His many blessings for the duration of the past week.  The week was filled with blessings in every aspect of life.  God especially showered us with His abundance of love and Spiritual blessings during the revival.  We thank God for Bishop Moore allowing the Holy Spirit to use him to bring forth the Word.

To everyone who went to the polls and voted, I applaud you.  Whether or not your candidate won, I feel we are all winners.  I caution everyone to remain vigilant and stay involved in the process.  Next month (Tuesday, October 20th) the process continues and we need to make sure we turnout in record numbers.

Thanks to the parents for making sure your youth participated in the SAT Prep Workshop.  Due to the experience, I am confident that our children will be better prepared for the SAT exam.

Please let us continue to trust God and grown in the knowledge and the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

September 13, 2015

We enter this week with an abundance of thanksgiving in our hearts for the many blessings God has bestowed upon us in the past week!

This week, there are three things I ask that we consider and designate as our focus.

  • Tuesday’s Runoff Election. Please vote and influence as many people as you possibly can to vote. Remember, you can go to the Election Headquarters in Burton and vote on Monday if you qualify due to the reasons we’ve discussed in the past. Please VOTE… VOTE… VOTE… VOTE!!!
  • The Radio Station is in need of a good sales staff.  If you have experience or are interested in sales, please contact Deacon Stephen Green or call the station at 843-770-0124
  • Our Fall Revival will begin Wednesday and end Sunday with a fellowship feast following the Worship Service.  This year our own Bishop K. C. Moore will be the revivalist for all three nights.  I urge everyone to please make plans to come out and be blessed that you may be a blessing.

Now, may the God of creation bless you in your lying down and rising up, in your going and coming, may He cause His face to shine upon you, henceforth and forever… Amen.

September 6, 2015

Today as I consider the issues of our country, immigration, minimum wage, taxes and politics, I am reminded of the Greek physician Hippocrates, from whom we get the Hippocratic Oath (to do harm) which serves as the ethical standard for doctors today.

I think if we were to consider this principal in our daily interactions we would do well.  Whether it is on the national level or in our homes, I believe it is the will of God.  The Apostle Paul stated it best in 13:10; “Love does no harm to a neighbor, therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.”

August 30, 2015

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The is week, my message to you is in regards to something that is at the very center of our freedom…the right to vote.  It is the single issue that has been most controversial in the attempt to form a more perfect union.  As people of color, we must adopt the attitude of “Vote, no matter the cost.”

Tuesday is Election Day, the day we will vote to select the candidate who will fill the District 45 Senate Seat formally held by our beloved Senator Clementa PInckney.  I strongly recommend that as many voters as possible go to  Election Headquarters before 5:00 PM on Monday, August 31st and vote early/absentee.  There are several reasons you are allowed to utilize this method if it is what is most convenient for you.  If needed, we will furnish you some of those reasons for your consideration.

VOTE!!!!!!  VOTE!!!!! VOTE!!!!

August 16, 2015

I pray that everyone had a joyous and productive week in the LORD and in doing so, found  stronger relationship with him.

This week the majority of our youth who attend institutions of higher learning will begin the new school year.  My advice to them is that they all begin their day with prayer and meditation.  I encourage them also to be very selective regarding those with whom they establish relationships.  In I Corinthians 15:33, the Apostle Paul admonished beliefs that bad company corrupts good morals.  Establish personal relationships with those who possess similar morals and faith.  In the meantime, we wish them well and pray that each of them will remain focused and put Christ first.

I encourage you to contact me if you are ever in need.  Peace and Blessings be multiplied unto you all.  We are so very proud of you.